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    Breathless Press is a print and eBook publisher actively looking for submissions.

    View our Sample Contract.

    NOTE: If these guidelines are not followed, your manuscript will automatically be rejected.

    Market: We prefer manuscripts that target adults (18+).

    For our Young Adult titles: please visit Lycaon Press

    Genre: We are looking for romance, erotic romance, or erotica. For a full listing of our lines, please see below under Our Lines.

    We are only looking for submissions that are greater than 50,000 words

    What we are not accepting:
    Anything under 50,000 words*

    * Please note that we are only taking under 10k for our Anthologies or Themed Submissions. If you have a story that is under 10k, please submit it for one of our Anthologies or Themed Submissions lines below.

    Our Lines:

    Timeless: Where Historical Romances Come to Life.
    Adonis: (M/M) Hot, Sexy Men Who Love Men.
    Aphrodite: (F/F) Where Female Passion and Sexuality Tantalize the Senses
    Branded: Putting the Sizzle in the Wild Wild West.
    Mocha: A Hot and Rich Blending of Desires
    Cyber (Sci-fi): Satisfying All Your Future Desires.
    Covert: More than just Romance on the edge.
    Paranormal: The Things That Like to Bump in the Night.
    Romance: Suspense / Comedy / Chick-lit/ Sweet Romance (Heat rating: Sweet Confections)
    Erotika: Adding a Kick to Sex. (Heat rating of 3 or greater)
    Embers: Smoldering Romances (Heat ratings of 1 - 2)
    Naughty Nursery Rhymes: We all grew up with nursery rhymes, so why not continue to love them (Heat rating: 2+ - Also includes Fairy Tales)
    Realms: Cross into fantasy realms of romance. (Heat rating: 2+)
    We are not accepting any non-fiction at this time.
    Special Note:
    *Please keep in mind, if your manuscript is a M/M or F/F whether they are in space, in a western, vampires, or interracial, your story is classified as Adonis or Aphrodite*.


    Heat Ratings:

    0 - No love scenes.

    1 - Sweet Confections: Unconsummated sensual scenes, or love scenes that contain no description of actions.

    2 - Monogamous couples. Infrequent loves scenes with no graphic language.

    3 - Explicit love scenes with graphic or strong language.

    4 - Frequent and explicit loves scenes/graphic depictions of sexual situations. May include BDSM, D/s, homoerotic sex acts.

    5 - Diablo Delights: No holds barred high frequency of sexual interactions with strong erotic content. Extreme BDSM, group sex, menage, menage a trois. No HEA required.



    There are no open anthologies

    When submitting, please send to: and put the name of the anthology in the subject line.


    Themed Months

    Word Count: 50,000+
    Theme: Halloween
    Deadline: May 30, 2015
    We will be collecting Flirts (5k-10k) to be released as a collection. Please submit both to your editor, if you do not have a current editor, email them to

    Holiday Month (December)
    Word Count: 50,000+.
    Theme: Days Gone By – Love from a different decade (prior to 2000).
    Deadline: July 31st, 2015.
    We will also be collecting Flirts for this month as well. The theme for the Flirts will be Christmas/Holidays. Word count for these will be between 5k and 10k These will be released as a collection. Deadline is July 31, 2015. Please submit both to your editor, if you do not have a current editor, email them to

    Romantic Comedies
    Word Count: 50,000+.
    Theme: Romance, Comedy.
    Deadline: Ongoing.
    Is your hero or heroine a clutz? Maybe they just can't seem to do something right or have an odd way of doing something. Heat rating can be any, but we prefer 3 and under. Please submit to your editor, if you do not have a current editor, email them to

    Word Count: 50,000+.
    Theme: Historical.
    Deadline: Ongoing.
    We are looking for historical novels set in any time period that is not considered modern or close to modern (ie 1920 and earlier). Please submit to your editor, if you do not have a current editor, email them to

    Word Count: 50,000+.
    Theme: Superhero's.
    Deadline: Ongoing.
    We are looking for full length stories that revolve around superheros. Whether it's an evil villain thwarted by the superhero, or a superhero who maybe wants to hang up his cape and his significant other pushes him out a window; we want to see it! Please submit both to your editor, if you do not have a current editor, email them to


    How to Send Us Your Gem:

    Electronic submissions only in a .doc (or .rtf) file. Attach full manuscript to email.

    Send query to: See above for definition of Lines. The body of your email should contain your query, followed by a short synopsis (no more than five pages).

    *NEW*: Please include your marketing platform. This is typically where you are promoting yourself (Social Media), where you plan to promote yourself, and where you can be found.


    How do you prefer manuscripts to be formatted before sending?
    All manuscripts should be double-spaced with one space after a period. We prefer italics to underlines, minimal formatting (no single character ellipses or spaces between periods in ellipses, no curly or smart quotes (straight quotes only), and no fancy characters as section breaks). Courier New or Times New Roman 12pt. font only. The title page should include the title, your name, contact information, and word count, as well as the heat rating of your story. (see below for details)

    What do you consider a big NO when it comes to story content?
    01. closed door sex
    02. fan fiction
    03. forced seduction, non-con, rape
    04. incest
    05. pedophilia, sexual activities with or between minors, daddy/mommy fantasies
    06. water play
    07. brown play
    08. knife play, or blood play
    09. urethral sounding (i.e.- cock stuffing)
    10. erotic asphyxiation, snuff
    11. bestiality
    12. felching
    13. necrophilia

    If you are not sure - please feel free to ask at We try to answer questions regarding our submission guidelines within 48 hours


    Do you accept multiple or simultaneous submissions?
    We do not accept multiple submissions, meaning more than one submission at the same time. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask that if you are submitting somewhere else, please let us know at time of submissions as well as inform us of the status of the manuscripts availability.

    Do you accept previously or currently published works?
    No. We will not accept or even look at works that have been or are currently published.

    How long will it take before I have a response?
    Approximately 6 - 8 weeks, depending on the length of your submission. If you are ever curious about the status of your manuscript, you are welcome to contact us. But we ask that you please allow a minimum of three (3) weeks before following up.

    What percent royalties can I expect?
    Breathless Press currently pays 40% net sales quarterly for ebooks and audio books and 15% net sales for all print books. We pay 20-30 days after quarter end and send payment via PayPal, Check, or Direct Deposit.

    How often are royalties paid?
    Royalties are paid 20-30 days after quarter end. They are for sales from the home website as well as any third party eBookstores that have paid us during that period.

    What do you want to see in my query?
    Please include your name, email address, and website url, if applicable. Your letter should include your title, genre, word count, with a short blurb highlighting your story, followed by any relevant credits you may have. End with a brief synopsis ( no more than five pages ) to close your query.

    Will my book be edited?
    We do expect your submission to be self-edited for grammar and spelling errors. Your book will be assigned to an editor who will work with you to polish it for publication. We do not change your story or your voice, but help it shine through.

    How long will it take for my book to be published if accepted?
    Four to five months from contract to release is a good guideline, but it could easily be faster or slower.

    Can I use my own cover art?
    Unfortunately, we only accept work from contracted Breathless Press artists at this time.

    Will my book be in Print?
    Yes. All books will be sent to print first, then released as an eBook.

    If I get a rejection, can I resubmit?
    Yes, we do look at resubmissions. Stories that we feel have potential but are just not there yet, we will send a Revise and Resubmit. Please resubmit according to the first submission guidelines, unless directed otherwise. If we did not offer revision suggestions, then you might want to check our guidelines again to be sure your submission still fits our criteria.

    How do audio books work?
    All of our books will be released as audio books per the contract specifications (see the sample contract for full details). It will be exclusive to Audible and may be released upwards of 1 year after the eBook release. Shorter books will be given priority over longer titles.