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Ruff Love: True Tails of Rescue By Deadra Krieger

In animal rescue, no story ever has a happy beginning, but can they have a happy end?

Working animal rescue is never pretty, and not all animals get that perfect ending. Follow the stories of some amazing animals who not only had a rough life, but beat the odds and found complete contentment. Kittens, dogs, and even a bobcat fill these pages with their true "tails" of being rescued and getting that second chance.


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  • ISBN: 978-1-77101-839-5
  • By Deadra Krieger
  • Heat Rating: 0
  • Word Count: 15027
  • Release Date: November 2, 2012

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"I can't spay my cats," the woman protested, her arms crossed as she glared at us. "They are a source of income for me."

"With all due respect, none of your cats are purebred. They are just regular, domestic shorthairs. How are you making a profit off them?" My coworker stared down at her. I studied her expression while waiting for her answer. My coworker had made a very good point and I was just as curious as he as to what her answer would be. She was starting to fiddle with the rings that encircled her fingers. That was never a good sign. It was evident she was afraid to tell us what was really going on. In an effort to break the wall I could see forming, I pointed to the containers. "Are you into quilting or something like that?"

Her expression brightened and she scurried over to one of the shelves. "No, no," she exclaimed as she pulled a container off the shelf. "Look inside."

I approached the container and discovered several small snakes within. Albino corn snakes, to be exact. "Ah, you keep snakes?"

Snakes didn't frighten me and now I knew what the musty smell was. My gaze traveled over the shelves once more as I tried to estimate the number of snakes she had. I counted at least forty containers, but I had no idea how many snakes she had in each.

"I breed them," she stated proudly. "I breed pythons too, but those are in the back room."

"May we see?" my coworker asked.

She nodded and led us to a back room. It was very clean with several large, aquarium-type containers set up. I counted about five pythons total. Each was lengths that I found fascinating and frightening. I said snakes don't bother me. What I meant was snakes who can't kill me don't bother me. Some of them certainly had the size to make me question the safety of myself, and her children. One had a nice little bulge from a recent meal.

That's when I saw the kitten...

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