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Wolf in Waiting: Blackburn Falls, Book 1 By Shyla Colt

A shape shifter unable to shift and a male shifter next in line for the throne shouldn't mix, but the passion between them transcends all.

A shape shifter who can't shift sounds like a punch line to a joke. But for Luz Dryden it's a complicated reality. The one bright light in her life has been her long-time love Kalyx Hunter.

Kalyx shares her strange malady and worships Luz with a passion that overshadows everything else. When Kalyx shifts unexpectedly, Luz flees Blackburn Falls and vows to never look back.

Five years later she's forced back to her home town for her sister's wedding, and Kalyx is determined to convince her they belong together. Luz fights him at every turn, but her body's needs overrides her will.

Kalyx is prepared to take on anyone who tries to keep them apart. But neither anticipated the twisted web of deceit and betrayal they would find themselves tangled in.


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  • ISBN: 978-1-77101-018-4
  • By Shyla Colt
  • Heat Rating: 3
  • Word Count: 12127
  • Release Date: December 2, 2011

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A sane person would close the window and head back to bed, but the passion he aroused refused to be denied. She would deal with the consequences of tonight tomorrow after the smoldering fire had been extinguished. The smell of dark spice increased and her center responded with a flow of liquid running down the inside of her thighs as her center pulsed. Her walls contracted with every breath she took. Her sensitive body begged for relief and in a blink she went from the hunted to the hunter. A smirk graced her full lips as she slowly unbuttoned the silk shift irritating her overly sensitive skin.

Lingerie had always been a guilty secret, and she knew from past experience he loved to watch her take it off. She shoved the offending material off her shoulders to the floor and ran her fingers up her flat stomach to cup her full breasts and begin a rough massage. Her long fingers elicited moans, pinching and pulling, the erotic site set his eyes aglow with passion.

"Like that, don't you?" she teased, a husky chuckle spilling forth when he nodded.


In need of more stimulation she untied the bows of her panties one by one and lifted a leg onto the sill to bare her slick center. More moisture streamed down her thighs as his growl of admiration made her spread her lips to reveal the pink petal inside. Past the point of a staged performance she cried out as she buried two fingers deep inside and went to work. Hard, sure pumps had her hips snapping forward. She forced her eyes to remain open as she rubbed her swollen clit in circles, and her pussy rippled as an orgasm roared through her body.

Her mouth opened in a silent scream echoed aloud by his hearty howl of approval. Coming down from her high, she was grateful for the click of the light in the room beside her own, chasing him off into the night. Her head rested against the coolness of the window and she knew the concept of being over Kalyx Hunter was nothing more than a carefully constructed lie.

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